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Power of Knowing: Aging in LGBTQ+ Communities (Part 1)
Understanding comes from knowing. Whether a member of the LGBTQ+ community or a care provider seeking greater understanding, this program is for you. Discover a greater appreciation for the journey many travel. As we age and as we face illness, our life journey can shape our experiences accessing and using healthcare resources. LGBTQ+ seniors face unique challenges and needs as they navigate care options and services. This webinar will explore the impact of cultural devaluation and discrimination of LGBTQ+ persons in an effort to reveal the role care providers can play in creating inclusive and safe places for aging LGBTQ+ patients and clients. Creating inclusive environments is essential to help LGBTQ+ elders express themselves with integrity.

• Learn about some of the unique challenges and needs of LGBTQ+ seniors.
• Learn about why some LGBTQ+ people are less likely to seek out care for themselves and loved ones
• Learn about resources and action being taken by organizations to address the needs of LGBTQ+ people with serious illness and their loved ones.

Anne Arndt
Mary Manley
Joseph Wheeler

This webinar will be moderated by Risa Hanau, LCSW.

Risa Hanau, LCSW is the Clinical & Community Educator at AuthoraCare Collective. Risa is a seasoned presenter and teacher in the area of end-of-life and ethics. She is a member of the Cone Health Ethics Committee. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by training and holds a Master of Social Work from The University of Pennsylvania.


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