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Power of Knowing: Staying Socially Connected; Avoiding Social Isolation
Understanding comes from knowing. Social Isolation is experienced by many people but we do not always have a good understanding of what it is and the negative impact it can have on our lives and the lives of those we care for and about. On the other hand, there are benefits for our brains and our bodies to having social connections. This webinar will explain those benefits, as well as strategies and resources to improve our social connections.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn what social isolation is and the impact it can have.
• Learn about the ways that social connections are good for healthy bodies and brains.
• Learn strategies and resources to prevent isolations and improve social connections.

Cheryl Greenberg, Ed.D.

In conversation with Risa Hanau, LCSW

Risa Hanau, LCSW is the Clinical & Community Educator at AuthoraCare Collective. Risa is a seasoned presenter and teacher in the area of end-of-life and ethics. She is a member of the Cone Health Ethics Committee. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by training and holds a Master of Social Work from The University of Pennsylvania.


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